Topic: Chumby Hacker Beta - PWM2


does anybody have successfully configured PWM2 for the Chumby hacker Beta?

I have tried using regutil and direct C programming (I have done that for dmpi_d0-7, even made a poor's man datalogger using dmpi_d0, d1, etc no problem).

#    Script PWM2-slow

# Bank 1, pin 28 ==> pwm2 == 00
regutil -w HW_PINCTRL_MUXSEL3_CLR=0x03000000

# Disable PWM_ANA_CTRL_ENABLE (special for PWM2)
regutil -w HW_PWM_CTRL_CLR=0x00000020

regutil -w HW_PWM_CTRL_CLR=0xC0000000

# Activate duty cycle 50 % (4444 & 4444)
regutil -w HW_PWM_ACTIVE2_SET=0x4444F0000

# Period. DIV=1024, and 35000 (24 MHz/1024/35000 == 0.7 Hz)
regutil -w HW_PWM_PERIOD2_SET=0x007B8887

# Fire PWM2 (enable)
regutil -w HW_PWM_CTRL_SET=0x00000004

I have a voltmeter connecter to the 2 pins header marked as PWM2-EXT (P406).

Pressumably this pin would be used (jumpered) as a 1 MHz clock for the LCD brightness controller, but ...

Many thanks for your help

P.S. pls apologyze for my let's say english