Topic: Phidget RFID

I have, with help from this forum, compiled and installed the phidget libraries and example apps.  I have trouble however with reading from the RFID device as it is unable to read the antenna and LED status and RFID tags.  I have posted at the phidget site in their forum here … 482#p16482

After including some debug info their conclusion is that the CHB has problems in interpreting USB interrupts

"The serial number is read from a USB descriptor - the rfid status is read from an interrupt endpoint. It looks like your USB host controller driver isn't supporting interrupt endpoints properly. The phidget in controller over a control endpoint, which is supported - hence why you can turn on the LED.

As for advice - not too sure, maybe contact the usb host controller driver developer.


MIght anyone here have ideas on how to correct the usb host controller driver ?