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Topic: Console Freezes over Serial

A few things I've notice that are putting a bump in my road...

When connected to the CHB over serial (FTDI) and I vi a file with lots of text and scroll through fast by holding down the arrow keys it freezes the terminal. I have to close out PuTTY and reconnect it to get back.

When using a program that has refreshing terminal output (like airodump-ng and kismet) I see nothing.

I'm assuming the two are related.

I haven't tried SSH yet and I can't at the moment (compiling elinks). Anyone have a solution or seen this issue?

I did SSH into the CHB and plugged in a second wifi dongle and tried the airodump-ng on wlan1 while using SSH via wlan0 in AP mode and I got a nice, beautiful console output. So I guess there is a problem with a fast console output via the serial. Anyone know of any remedies or tweaks, or is the serial just too slow?

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Re: Console Freezes over Serial

I use minicom on my linux desktop to talk to my CHB hacker board and have no troubles at all.

On your linux desktoop computer install the minicom module  (apt-get install minicom) or whatever package mgr you use.
in your home directory put this file named ".minirc.dfl"  Note the leading period.

Contents of the .minirc.dfl file
# Machine-generated file - use setup menu in minicom to change parameters.
pu port             /dev/ttyUSB0
pu minit           
pu mreset           
pu mdialpre         
pu mdialsuf         
pu mdialpre2       
pu mdialsuf2       
pu mdialpre3       
pu mdialsuf3       
pu mconnect         
pu mnocon1         
pu mnocon2         
pu mnocon3         
pu mnocon4         
pu mhangup         
pu mdialcan         
pu mdialtime        0
pu mrdelay          0
pu mretries         1
pu mdropdtr         0
pu backspace        DEL
pu hasdcd           No
pu rtscts           No

Then run minicom with these parameters to get a nice color screen.

minicom -mc on

Hope this helps.


Re: Console Freezes over Serial

Yup.  I'm using an FTDI cable and mincom and it's been dead reliable.