Topic: alarm clock - earphones

I really like to listen to some music with my earphones, but I often fall asleep so that the earphones are still plugged in, but not anymore in my ears. In the morning the alarm goes off, but I don't wake up, because I cannot hear the alarm with the earphones since they are not anymore in my ears. I suggest to create a way or an alarm-app to override the earphone with the alarmclock.
Maybe there is a way to do it, but I think it is an hardware thing.

Re: alarm clock - earphones

We anticipated this scenario.  Ity can happen as you said, with earphones, or with powered speakers that are turned off.

If you enable the "backup alarm", it will play out both the headphones *and* speakers after 5 minutes or so.  "Quick alarms" have the backup alarm set automatically.