Topic: Brightness on battery : black screen when set very low

Currently running SW 1.0.7 and CP 2.8.72 - the FM improvements are great, by the way! This was quite unuseable in Belgium before the update; and an FM alarm clock... I'd say: finally! :-) Very happy about this.

Now I *think* this following issue is related to the beta feature: 'Changed brightness sliders to full range for both day and night mode'.

I tended to configure the brightness in night mode very low, the setting just above pitch black. No issues on AC power.

When running on battery however, the screen *does* go pitch black! Music will keep playing for an hour, but the chumby is unuseable because there is no display.

I never noticed this before the beta, but perhaps I did set the brightness setting differently, and avoided the issue.
Maybe it's not fixable, but a warning could be put in place to set it on battery, not AC.