Topic: Titles of Mps in My Music Files

I think this has been suggested, but just to be sure: it would be nice if the song title from a currently playing MP3 is both displayed in the control panel as well as passed along to the widget via _root as is done with all the other music sources.   This could be obtained by the ID3 tags.

I'm not sure what to suggest if no ID3 tag is present.  Blank like it is now would be fine.



Re: Titles of Mps in My Music Files

My wife just gave a big burst of two cents toward the My Music Files functionality.

So far I have not yet been able to get chumby to stream off of my computer in an easy way... so from time to time my wife will want to listen to particular albums.   I can just throw it on a thumb and stick it in, but then she wants to sometimes skip to certain tracks (or certain albums depending on how many she wants). 

Would it not be quite easy to at least display the file name?   Ideally we could pull out some of the ID information from the file, but really even the file name (or folder) would give enough information to go on by.   

Would this be possible at all?

Re: Titles of Mps in My Music Files

I also would love to be able to see the song information on the screen.

Re: Titles of Mps in My Music Files

Songtitle in My Music would be very nice.

Song x from x is not useful.