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Topic: Dash Chumby site a little buggy

Very happy with my Dash, but I seem to he having a problem with the dash.chumby.com site. I'm noticing that the "Hot Picks" and "Featured" categories of the Apps catalog doesn't load correctly and redirects to the Chumby 404 page. Anyone else seeing this?

Re: Dash Chumby site a little buggy

We're very actively changing the dash.chumby.com site at the moment, so there will unfortunately be some instability for a while.

Sorry about that - we're focusing on the stability of core features at the moment, so some low-priority things are being deferred.  For instance, since Sony filters certain widgets, some of the lists that you mentioned behave differently than they do on the normal chumby site, and they may appear to be broken at the moment.

Hopefully this will all be resolved quickly.

Re: Dash Chumby site a little buggy

Thanks for the reply. Good to know you guys are making progress.