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Google Calendar widget is nice but I've almost two improvements that make it better.
The first would to allow more than once calendar for the widget, I've different calendars (birthdays, trips, tasks..) and it would be fine if I could have all of them in the same widget, as Google Calendar do.
The other improvement would be a month or week view. I'm very interested on it, and I'm opened to help smile (I think the hard work is done..)

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Are there any plans to improve this widget? I really like the suggestion of supporting multiple calendars. IMHO that is the only improvement to make it darn near perfect.

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I've built a widget for my own use that displays a very simple agenda list across the four calendars I use. I've been meaning to alter it to get the calendar URIs and colours for display from config and then release it, now that it seems fairly stable.

It's not pretty, but it works. Would an agenda-only list of coming events be useful enough?


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An agenda view sounds good to so long as it scrolls. Just looking for something simple where I can see what I need to do or where I need to be that day which is organized across multiple calendars. Can't wait to see what you have made.

Sometimes I wish I had kept up programing.

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I'm brand new around here, so pardon the many etiquette breaches I'm sure to be making.

Anybody know if this Google Calendar agenda viewer mentioned by biffel ever saw the light of day? I like the Google Calendar Viewer that's available, but I'm a multiple calendar user, so I'd prefer a widget that pulled all of my calendars down.

I know enough about programming to probably modify somebody else's source code, but I can't find any widget source that can access Google Calendar. Can anyone point me in that direction?

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I didn't get much further: it has sat idle for a while. I never built a config interface for it, so it has been running on my Chumby for a year or so now with an incomplete set of calendars because I've not got around to altering the source and recompiling it. If you have a technical bent you're welcome to the source code to alter and build as you see fit. (I built it using entirely open source compilers etc so you shouldn't have to purchase any development tools.)

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I for one would be interested in your source code. Could you please post it on here or PM it to me?