Topic: Night mode music timer bug? Or is it a feature...

Hi guys and gals,

Not sure if this bug was introduced in the current beta (as I am new here) but the night mode music timer does not disable if you abort night mode.

Steps to reproduce (on a 2008 chumby and the current beta control panel)

1) start a music stream
2) start night mode
3) enter a timer duration and enable the timer
(at this point night mode activates and the count down timer is visible in the top left)
4) abort night mode by touching the touch screen
(screen goes back to full bright, displaying widgets as per normal)
(after the timer duration elapses the music stops, even though night mode was aborted and the screen is on fullbright displaying widgets)

Side effect:

If after step 4 I reinitiate night mode I am not prompted to reset the music timer, and this is confirmed that the timer was not stopped / reset as the timer is shown still to be active still counting down with the original parameters (duration and start time) on the night mode screen

Is this a bug or a feature? wink

I would that thought that if I aborted night mode by touching the screen that the music shut-off timer would stop.


Re: Night mode music timer bug? Or is it a feature...

I think the timer is a stand alone feature separate from the night mode. The timer shuts off only by 1. running out of time and 2. selecting the timer and taking it off manually. I think.

Re: Night mode music timer bug? Or is it a feature...

heyartlady is correct - the music timer is actually completely unrelated to night mode.

The ability to set the timer when entering night mode was done as a convenience step since it's a very common use case.

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Re: Night mode music timer bug? Or is it a feature...

Actually that sounds OK

Although you can not get back into the timer to disable it via the night mode button if you have a timer enabled (either via the night mode button previously) or via the music menu, you can at least see it is running when you go back in to night mode and if you really want it gone you can go in to the music menu and turn it off there.

I guess I expected to see the timer option again when going in to night mode, even if it was already running so that I had the option to change / disable it.