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My 14-month old daughter knows how to:
- turn on the radio
- delete widgets
- change channels
- find the "doggy" (screen cleaner)
- set AND delete alarms...

The list goes on..... smile Clearly this interface is quite simple to use! However her favourite game lately has been the touchscreen calibration, because she gets to drag the ball over the screen!

SO... I would like to "bump up" the request for a screen lock combination, that would allow me to prevent my daughter from ensuring I don't get up for work in the morning!

GREAT product, by the way.

Many thanks,
Paul Profeta

Re: Screen Lock

I'd also like to see a screen lock option.  I'd like to use my chumby in and office setting but don't want anyone replying to facebook for me or reading my e-mail, etc...  So a screen lock on this would be great!  I suppose it should also include a way to lock out the automatic shell when you plug in a keyboard (I work in IT so many people are curious about the device).

Re: Screen Lock

Thanks for the suggestions.  I will add this to our feature request for product suggestions.  If we get wind of this becoming reality in the near future we will let you guys know.

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