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Anyone look into a projector to project the screen image onto the ceiling?  That with some voice recognition could open up more possibilities.

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it is unlikely that we'd add a projection system to the unit - it would be quite difficult to have a touchscreen *and* a projector without having a completely separate display screen.

Speech recognition is a problem for two reasons: 1) the chumby does not have a built-in microphone (the chumbilical can support one though), and 2) we don't have the processing power or memory for speech recognition.

Considering universal speech recognition on desktop computers is still in its infancy, and needs a lot of work, it's a lot to expect from this device.

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you could have it recognise claps though. so one clap would silence the alarm etc.

a projector is a cool idea, but it would be expensive. add-on maybe? mebe you could have a separate board and feed an X session or something to it. or run a limited edition chumby with a projector instead of a touchscreen. thinking about it, if you had a better backlight for the touch screen lcd, and a lens, you could possibly do it, although it might be a bit big tongue

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lol, would be neat to point at things and have the chumby detect changes in light from reading projection reflections (whoa I think I just lost myself)


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You could just place the chumby screen face-down on an opaque projector like this one. A bit bulky, but much cheaper than buying a data projector.

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The opaque projector is a good concept!

Also look at how "Head Up Displays" work.
Perhaps we could emulate that with plastic mirrors safe for a bedroom?

As for the comment on light sensing for controls-recently I saw someone hacked some door reversing sensors from garage door openers into a beam curtain safety for his shop. The two units were placed back to back and mirrors did the rest. Seems the gadgets he found use a visible red led instead of the usual IR. So think of  Chumby gaining a set of those sensors glued together side by side for a side by side beam . "beam aims at mirror foil dot on target area-reflects back to sensor -your sleep fogged hand breaks beam to reset snooze alarm"