Topic: Does setInterval work ?

First of all, I got a real Chumby!!! Yeahh!!! Now I can really test if my experiments work!

So, I had a couple of widgets that were working just fine in the regular Flash player, the FlashLite emulator and the Chumby emulator.

I drop them on the Chumby and... nothing worked!

I thought I was going crazy for the past couple of days! Today I spent more time on it and after finding that FlashLite is very sensitive to how you setup a TextField (if I call setNewTextFormat before I set other flags on TextField the text doesn't appear) I got to the point where the callback function on setInterval wasn't getting called (or if it is it gets called with the wrong parameters).

There are two version of setInterval: one for static functions - setInterval(function, timer, params) and one for classes - setInterval(object, "function", timer, params).

Well, it looks like that on FlashLite2, or at least on the version running on the Chumby, only the first version works. The second version doesn't seem to do anything. Anybody had the same problem ?

I was also testing on my smartphone and I think I was getting the same problems. But now I don't remember if the last test I did worked on the phone or not (I am also running FlashLite 2.1 on the phone).

At this point I don't really care, as long as one of the two works. But since I was getting no errors and just a blank screen it has been a couple of very frustrating days.

Maybe we should start a wiki page of things that work and don't work on FlashLite.

Anyway, stay tuned for a "working" version of my FlashDevelop template for the Chumby. Still pretty bare but once things are working it makes build simple widgets very easy (and free smile

Re: Does setInterval work ?

Look at the "Developing Widgets" page in the Wiki for a list of things to keep in mind when doing Flash development specifically for the Chumby: … for_chumby

Use of setInterval isn't recommended:

Another class of leaks is "interval" leaks. The use of setInterval() without corresponding clearInterval() will result in interval objects accumulating. Since widgets can be unloaded at any time, it's possible that the opportunity to clear an interval may not happen. Therefore, intervals should be avoided within widgets.

Hope this helps.