Topic: Please make the MAC address visible on boot

My wireless network has the MAC filter enabled. However, the only way to get the Chumby MAC address is after is configured and connected to the network. So, I disabled MAC filtering on my firewall, connected my Chumby, then (once I could see the MAC address) added the address and re-enabled the MAC filtering.

If you are trying to set this up for the first time in an environment where you do not have control over the filtering, the Chumby will be unusable. I should never have this problem again, but for all new users this will continue to be a problem.

One more thing: It will probably be nice to add a password feature to get to the settings menu. My teenage daughter just went and messed with the settings because ... well, because she can and she is a teenager. 'Nuff said.

BTW, I just got my Chumby yesterday and I love it. Look forward to the new features.

Re: Please make the MAC address visible on boot

Yeah, we discovered that too- the latest firmware update displays the MAC address much earlier in the process.  That update is on its way to China.

I'll look into the "password the settings" issue.

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Okay.  I'm not the only one bit by this then.  I just tried to connect my wife's new chumby and ended up here looking for instructions to get the MAC address.  So I now have my answer.  I have to disable MAC filtering until chumby's set up so I can find the MAC address.  At least a fix is on the way for my next chumby!

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Re: Please make the MAC address visible on boot

The MAC address should be displayed on the screen where you choose your access point if you have the latest firmware (as of this date, Software Version 1.2).

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I wonder if there could be a numeric pin type lock on the settings part of the control panel
Would that be a doable solution to prevent *casual misconfiguration*

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Maybe, but then we might get into the nasty situation where someone forgets the PIN - since it's on the device itself, there's no way we can help somebody through Customer Service except have them return the device to us for reflashing.  If we provided another mechanism to clear the PIN without having the PIN (such as restoring to factory defaults in Special Options mode), then it's worthless as a form of protection.

A tough problem.

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Re: Please make the MAC address visible on boot

Im thinking of having it only requiring interactive use for the pin..
therefore if you had a script on a USB stick or ssh into the chumby you could reset/bypass it..
This isnt supposed to be heavy security, just keep the unknowledgable out of the wetwork...
(basically casual protection not to stop a brute force attack)

Or be able to have customer support send a "Magic widget" that can reset it remotely...

As an aside, it would be nice if along with the mac address during boot, the external/gateway IP was shown at the same time wink