Topic: Music won't play

I have a Chumby 8 and for the past few days Pandora will not load or any of the other music widgets.  I tried rebooting my Chumby but it hasn't changed.  Same thing is happening on my daughter's Sony Dash.  Is there an issue and will they be coming back online.  I like waking up to music, but I can't get any music to play :-(

Re: Music won't play

I just went to Pandora on my Dash and it first got an error message. Clicked out of that and Pandora reloaded and has worked fine. There has been a few times that Pandora has been down (recently I think) so you may want to try later.

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Re: Music won't play

I just checked Pandora on my chumby Classic, and it seems to be working fine.

Pandora does occasionally fail but seems to come back.  There was a day-long outage a couple of weeks ago.