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Topic: Update?

Just noticed my Insignia Infocast 8 locked up (sometimes it does, but have broken widgets I haven't cleaned up) and reset it.  It came back up, but then a popup asked if I wanted to get latest update and I said yes.  Now stuck at 100% on 'Downloading Control Panel'.  Don't know if I missed a post on this update and if I'm just impatient or something else is amiss.  Feedback would be appreciated.

UPDATE - It did come back up and seems to be cycling/updating apps like before.  Still wondering if there was a update or did my I8 hiccup back to a earlier version and have to reload a old update?

Re: Update?

There has not been an update.  It sounds like a network hiccup of some sort.

Re: Update?

Thanks, as always, Duane.  You guys are the best.