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Did I miss something? I can't seem to remember if I8s can move to night mode automatically like C8s can. I took it for granted that my C8 did and never set my I8. But now that my C8 is gone I can't remember how to set up auto night mode for the I8. My 2 Sony Dash Units do that dance.

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I don't think that the I8s will do alarms or actions other than sound alarms. I've been putting my I8 into and out of night mode manually. I can't see anything in the I8 menu that allows you to set actions like going into or out of night mode. The only thing that I can see is setting an audible alarm.
This deficiency on the part of the I8 might explain why flashing them with C8 firmware is a popular course of action.

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Yeah, I think this is something Insignia wanted pulled out of the spec during development.

A lot of people thought the whole alarm system was too complex in the 3.5" devices, so in the 8" device there were attempts to "simplify" it all - in the I8 it resulted in removal of some things, in the C8, it meant splitting up "alarms" and "actions" in the UI, even though they are, internally, exactly the same thing.  On the 3.5" devices, we had the "simple alarm".

There were actually many things that were on the list to *add* to the alarm/action system, but would have made the entire thing unmanageable for an average user.  The compromise was to add the various hacks documented on the wiki.

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I have an I8 and used the code in the Chumby Tricks Wiki for entering night mode automatically with no success.  Is that procedure only for the C8?  I tried executing from the command line but, it didn't work either.  It responded as follows...

chumby-xx-xx-xx:/ # /psp/
Adobe FlashLite 3.1.7 Release (Version 9,1,122,0)- Chumby Industries (version 9 build 107-3548 [GCC 4.3.2])
Portions copyright (C) 2005-2010 Chumby Industries, Inc.
Built for: silvermoon; Features: Video ALSA ARM-optimizations
Build time: Thu 09Dec2010 1318
chumbyflashplayer.x: sending signal 1 (SIGHUP) to running instance 906
chumbyflashplayer.x: signal sent, process 906 should still be running

Then I was returned to the shell prompt but my I8 never entered night mode. I'm no programmer and I have little recent UNIX experience so any help will be most appreciated.

Many thanks.


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Each of the tricks has a set of icons indicating the device the trick works on - it looks like the I8 is not one of the ones that supports the ability.

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Oh, so that's what those pictures mean...duh!  Thanks for clarifying that, Duane.