Topic: Accuweather for TV

This is a nice looking widget, and I would like to get it to work.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to change the location. It can't be changed at and nothing happens when you tap on 'change location' when the widget is displayed on the Chumby.
Anyway, what I have learnt is that it is colder in San Diego than I would have expected.

Re: Accuweather for TV

It's meant for use on an Insignia Connected TV (hence why the widget says "FOR TV" in the name). I think that you're supposed to change the location with the TV remote. I don't even know why those widgets are available in the first place, since the current service doesn't support the Connected TV.

Re: Accuweather for TV

I wondered about the 'for TV' but thought that it was possible that it was an indication that it displayed best on the TV. It seems odd that this vitally important qualification is not mentioned in the app description.
It does actually work on other Chumby devices for people who live in San Diego (or those who reside elsewhere who have an interest in San Diego's weather), which might be a reason for it still being available.

Re: Accuweather for TV

The old system did a better job of filtering widgets by the type of device they were designed for.  Since I was not officially supporting the TVs or dashes, and the filtering was computationally expensive, I didn't reimplement the filtering.

I left the widgets themselves in the system in case anyone still found them useful.

And yes, we're having a little cold snap here in San Diego at the moment.