Topic: Chumby One Wi-Fi access point non-private network w/o DHCP

Hi all. I've long been using my Chumby One both as a Chumby for normal ops, and simultaneously as a Wi-Fi access point. It all works great. However, up to now the AP has been configured as a private 10.x.x.x network gatewayed across to my whole house net, and the Chumby runs its own DHCP for provision of addresses on that 10.x.x.x net. I'd like to change the Chumby config so that it no longer runs its own DHCP, and operates instead as an AP for the net, which has its own DCHP server on another device. The Chumby itself -- that is, for its Chumby music, etc. functions, is already assigned an address on that net. Before I start mucking around in the configurations again, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!