Topic: HIDRAW kernel driver?

Does anyone have a pre-compiled version of the HIDRAW module for the C1? I have several USB devices including a blink(1) that need the HIDRAW module to access. I've downloaded the C1 kernel source, but I'm wary of mismatching configuration options if I try to recompile myself. Thank you.

Re: HIDRAW kernel driver?

Short answer: No, sorry.

Long answer: I can compile one for you if you want, but if your only concern is the configuration options, the C1 has the config in /proc.

I believe it's zcat /proc/config.gz to write it out to a file, but I don't have a C1 booted right now to double check.

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Re: HIDRAW kernel driver?

I'd forgotten that /proc/config.gz was a thing, I'll give that a try. Thanks.