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A few weeks ago, we set up a CafePress store to offer chumby-branded products.  We make a percentage of the sales of those items.

We're now also opening a store to offer actual Chumby products, at

When Blue Octy acquired the assets of Chumby Industries about a year ago, that included a storage unit that contained a *lot* of chumby stuff - office equipment, servers, monitors, phone systems, etc.

The storage facility also included a bunch of random chumby products in various levels of condition.  When the Chumby Industries offices were ultimately taken over by Technicolor, I also collected all the equipment and devices that were scattered around the offices.  Over the last year, I've used those devices to do my best to honor the warranties that were in effect when Chumby closed.

Since the warranties have all expired at this point, we're now offering those items for sale.

The big surprise in the storage facility was a small inventory of new, unsold devices, mostly chumby 8s, however, there was also a small box with new chumby One devices.

We're still processing the used/refurbished devices - as they become available, we'll post them on the store.  Some devices are not, in themselves, sellable, however they can be scavenged for parts, such as displays, motherboards, speakers, and network adapters - we'll also be putting those parts up over time.

We also added a "rare" category. There are several unusual devices in storage - unusual color combinations for chumby Classics, unreleased prototype products, and other interesting oddities - those will be offered on a random basis as they're processed.

We're currently only shipping to the United States - we're still looking into international shipments.

The electronic products will have a 30-day warranty for defects only, with refunds only.  This is necessary due to the very limited availability of the items.


Many people have asked for a way to simply donate to support the services - while we are not currently offering a "pure" donation  system, we have added some outrageously overpriced chumby stickers that you can use to basically help fund the service.  You may also want to consider purchasing chumby charms.  You can find these items in the "Misc" category.

Some folks have suggested Paypal for donations - our research seems to indicate that's probably not a good idea.  Paypal is very ambiguous with regard to donations - some documentation says they can only be used for a registered non-profit (which we are not), but others say it's OK for things like Wordpress donations, and other stuff says there really aren't any restrictions.  They are numerous reports of frozen accounts, and frankly we aren't interested in playing "guess the policy" with Paypal.

Re: The Chumby Store now open!

Just placed my first order! A black C8 and the complete set of charms! I don't have much time to shop as I am at work but wanted to make sure I got the C8. Next week I will spend more time seeing what is there.

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Re: The Chumby Store now open!

I just got the complete set of charms and a Chumby sticker! I hope that everybody who is in the financial state to do so at least gets something, since Duane's been supporting us since the beginning of last year and this is our chance to repay him.

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Just received my Chumby8! Got the charms a couple of days ago. Can't wait til the weekend so I can unbox my new  Chumby!

I got an email from thechumbystore (lauramax) with a link to view the status of my order. Hotmail gave me the following warning about the email: Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks.

I did not click on the link but all is good because my new Chumby8 will be joining my Chumby One and Infocast8 (running Chumby8 firmware).

I will be going back to the store some time soon. Not sure if I will buy more hardware but will definitely buy some stickers to help support Blue Octy.

Tar, feathers, congress. Some assembly required.

Re: The Chumby Store now open!

I support this. With my money big_smile