Topic: Chumby in VMWare/VirtualBox

After a little bit of searching, I have yet to find a way to get Chumby running in a Virtual Machine. Has this been done before? Is there a place I can download the OS image/iso? The reason I want to do this is because my tech-illiterate father got an Insignia Internet Media Display and wants me to make him some software to run on it, and rather than possibly breaking the device (It's happened before-- I have had some bad luck jailbreaking things), I'd like to test on a VM first. I've got FlashDevelop, I'm familiar with ActionScript, and have been scouring the Wiki for everything pertaining to making software for Chumby devices. Anyone know where I can download the image?

Re: Chumby in VMWare/VirtualBox

VM's aren't what you're looking for.  They typically just allow sharing of the CPU in such a way you can run two separate OSs natively.  What you would need to do for running Chumby is emulation.  You'd need to emulate the ARM processor to run the Chumby code directly.  This has been done using Scratchbox by some to run Chumby code "natively" on a regular x86 type machine.

Since you're trying to develop flash applications, you can simply run them using any flash player for testing, and maybe try running them on flash lite, which is what you will find on the Chumby devices.

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