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I've noticed quite a bit of discussion about the ethics/legality (mostly legality) of acquiring widgets that existed on the original server. Since the general ruling is not to use most (if not all?) of the original widgets, why doesn't this community work on making some very simple apps, possibly to test later on with the stub server?

I don't know if this is being done, or there is a reason not to, but this idea just came to me. I know that Duane is focusing right now on just getting the server stable with what he has, but in the future if the server is starting to look promising, this idea might not be a bad one...

It would not only begin to repopulate the Chumby with apps, but it would also help test out the functionality of adding specific widgets and we wouldn't have to worry about licensing. (Assuming they were created under some sort of public license)

Has this idea already been approached/is common sense?

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I'm well aware that in its current state the stub server can't handle anything more. But if it was actually dying as much as you say it is, I feel that this forum wouldn't even be here. The community can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure one of the main goals of this community is to restore the Chumby to wide, accessible functionality, even if that process is a bit slow and shaky at first.
And as to the declining widgets, I imagine it was due to a sort of "natural selection" of widgets where the really good, fun, and useful apps remained, while the less useful, dime-a-dozen widgets died off.

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I'm not surprised that the feed was pulled. As far as most people outside this community are concerned, the Chumby either never existed because they never knew about it, or they don't care enough to fight to keep its functionality.

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The Reuters feed wasn't pulled.

As of this post, the Reuters Spotlight content service ( is down for everyone.

The other widgets went down because I took down the content services for them, which were all hosted by Chumby.  I would obviously restore the content services as part of rebuilding the systems.

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Duane wrote:

I would obviously restore the content services as part of rebuilding the systems.

So you're saying should Chumby be (near) fully restored, we would have access to the old, publicly available widgets, or just the ability to pick and choose specific ones?

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I would attempt to restore all of them, and their associated content services.

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Also, don't pay attention to msharp.  He's the community [del]troll[/del] ex-troll. big_smile

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I'd love to see widgets restored ... keep up the great work!! THANKS!!!

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I'd love to work on getting the widgets restored as well. PM me if you could help make this happen.

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If anyone has any widgets they would like me to start hosting you can post it on this page -> … submission

1.) I will NOT host any widgets that you do not have permission to put up on a public mirror.
2.) I am NOT responsible for the widgets on this mirror being the most up to date. Unless I get a submission on the form page with the newest version I will not proactively seek the most up to date version.

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Seems the link I put up last night got cut off... here's one that works.