Topic: Newbie's guide to writing apps/widgets

I am finally getting some down time and thought I might try my hand at coding for the chumbysphere. I have searched a bit and have not really found a guide to help start from scratch. I have coding experience but not too much in the Java world. I have been around computers for over 35 years and programmed mostly for micro-controllers and automation control systems that include HTML. I know my way around LINUX.

So what is the best coding environment, compiler ect. I am open to paid and open source avenues.

As the commercial says, "what's on your computer?" (OK, it really says, "what's in your wallet?")


Re: Newbie's guide to writing apps/widgets

If you're looking to write Chuby widgets that you can load in a regular channel, they're all coded in Flash, and you may need Windows-based development tools to do it most easily.  There are a number of pointers on the Chumby Wiki to documentation that talks about this stuff, see … the_chumby


Re: Newbie's guide to writing apps/widgets

Hello All,

Due to the recent developments here at Chumby Central, I am bumping this thread up.

Now would be a great time if some of the more experienced programmers could help out some of us not so experienced programmers in the Chumby world.

As has been mentioned numerous times, even though everything that is needed to program the Chumby is available through open source and "somewhat" documented on the wiki, it would be great to have a simple this is how you start tutorial.

Frustration leads to  displeasure that leads to other things other than programs for the Chumby.

As Masterdaddy noted in another post, he has been able to have Pandora served on a non hosted Chumby. Yes I know this is not for the newbie but a great way to get to know the some of the software internals.

And YES! I will do whatever it takes to keep the platform alive. ( Including a $ donation )

A shoutout to everyone who is making the transition a reality! THANKS!