Topic: Offline firm?

I am one of all users that can't follow instructions to edit profile in offline mode or download channels, as i am no pc-linux expert. I was wondering if someone would be interested to download as many apps and games from chumby and install them in offline firmware for all of us to download. Of cousre as this is a lot work to do i am willing to pay some money to the one who is interested to do this. Like a service where people will pay some money to uploader for services. Anyone intersted?

Re: Offline firm?

I think there are legal issues that keep this from happening. Otherwise I suspect it would already have been done. You would need written permission form the makers of each and every widget.

Tar, feathers, congress. Some assembly required.

Re: Offline firm?

yes I know this,but already everybody is downloading widjets from chumby to install to offline firm.Is there a way to skip this or work with the developers?Chumby is almost dead so their widget will die with it..

Re: Offline firm?

Unfortunately, Bolo and msharp42 are correct (if a bit blunt).  While you're free to download the widgets for your personal use, there's not really any way for anyone to do that for you.  Can you figure out how to install Zurk's offline firmware?  If so, I believe he also created a program to download widgets (which is permissible), and may make the task much easier for you.

Technically speaking, Chumby (the company) is already dead, so any developers you speak with would be talking to you on a strictly personal basis, and are under no obligation to assist (since they're not getting paid by Chumby anymore).  Of course that was always the case with third-party widget devs, since they wrote the widgets for free in the first place wink