Topic: Software Update: Version 1.2 Release Notes

Chumby Version 1.2
Release Date: November 7, 2007

The update below is for the following chumby versions:

    * HW: 0.0 SW: 1.1 FW: 312
    * HW: 3.6 SW: 1.1 FW: 312
    * HW: 3.7 SW: 1.1 FW: 312

These Release Notes refer to the chumby Version 1.2 and cover new and existing features, known issues, and workarounds for this version. This version is a stability release of improvements and fixes to the chumby system. If you have feedback or questions, contact us at Customer Support (

What's New

Major Features

    * Open source based software
    * Connectivity via wi-fi
    * Touchscreen interface
    * Automatic software update mechanism
    * iPod® connectivity to listen to your playlists
    * Online photo viewing
    * Online streaming video viewing
    * Interact with major social networking sites such as Facebook
    * Flash® animation player
    * Multi-tone alarm clock
    * Day and night modes
    * Accelerometer to interact with motion sensing widgets
    * Interact with other chumby owners

Improvements and Fixes

    * chumby Linux distribution updated to use BusyBox Version 1.6.1. Details of the identified library updates and fixes to BusyBox can be found at .
    * chumby Flash® Liteâ„¢ Player updated to Version 3.0.2. This version contains fixes directly from Adobe® and chumby contributions to the Linux version of the Flash Player.
    * Updated chumby BlueTune player to Version 2.5. The update contains fixes for playback of streaming MP3 and OGG audio files plus other minor fixes from BlueTune.
    * The chumby iPod playlist scan has been improved to be 50% faster.
    * The Over The Air Update (OTA) sub-system has been rewritten to be more stable and contain an HTTP failover if the BitTorrent client is too slow or fails.
    * Improvements to the overall system stability:
          - Fixed a number of issues with the audio subsystem
          - Made enhancements to the networking subsystem
          - Improved Flash Player stability
          - Improved reliability of working with USB storage devices
          - Improved the automatic software update system
          - Improved searching for available wi-fi networks

Noted Bugs Fixed


    * Bug 1077 - A USB initialization failure would affect the chumby wi-fi functionality.
    * Bug 234 and 502 - Compatibility with the Apple Airport Extreme and Express in WEP(TSN), WPA, and WPA2 security modes.
    * Bug 755 - Wi-fi access points with hidden SSIDs will be detected and the chumby can connect to them.
    * Bug 860, 1026, and 1027 - Built-in chumby Help includes help text about wi-fi MAC filtering and other topics.
    * Bug 980 and 1005 - Manually entered IP network information is now handled properly in the chumby control panel.


    * Bug 1074 - Audio driver usage improved to allow over 60 hours of continuous chumby runtime without choppy audio.
    * Bug 966 - Music/iPod playback will resume correctly after using the pause button on the music control panel.
    * Bug 996 - Music/iPod rewind button will rewind to the beginning of the current playing audio file.
    * Bug 698 - Improved iPod service to be restarted when Flash Player restarts to prevent iPod devices not being recognized by the chumby after a Flash Player restart.
    * Bug 974 - BlueTune player will now play MP3 files with CRC checks in the frame header.
    * Bug 1006 - BlueTune player will now play OGG streaming files.
    * Bug 697 - Improved audio playback when playing a widget using the accelerometer.


    * Bug 463 - When a user taps the top of the chumby to use the control panel while watching a YouTube video, the video playback pauses and resumes correctly when exiting the control panel and returning to playing the YouTube video.
    * Bug 962 - Improved Flash Player management of webcam widgets to prevent memory overuse.

alarm clock

    * Bug 627 - Built-in alarm sounds will play for 30 minutes instead of 1 minute.
    * Bug 1007 - Changing the alarm clock setting will now override the snooze timer to prevent the snooze alarm sounding.
    * Bug 648 - Alarm sounds will be heard during YouTube video playback.

OTA update

    * Bug 927 - The chumby OTA process will use an HTTP method to complete the update if the BitTorrent client is slow or fails.
    * Bug 1019 - During the process of an update using a USB flash drive a screen will indicate to the user the chumby is rebooting.
    * Bug 753 - Improved graphics to instruct the user not to interact with the chumby during the update process.
    * Bug 688 - When the update screen displays a message about an unsuccessful update the text instructs the user to try again.
    * Bug 1017 - After a REPAIR SAFE MODE operation the update complete screen will be seen.


    * Bug 1032 - The chumby introduction movie now contains better touchscreen instructions.
    * Bug 851 - In the chumby control panel the previous/next widget buttons have a larger touch area.
    * Bug 1022 - When the chumby is turned on or is rebooted, the first widget in the channel will play completely.
    * Bug 993 - When viewing a widget sent by a chum, the widget description is not truncated.
    * Bug 126 - Timezone files have been updated for new Daylight Savings Time rules.

Known Issues

    * The backtick (`), backslash (\) and dollar signs ($) are currently not supported in SSIDs and WPA or WPA2 passphrases. You will need to change your SSID and/or passphrase to avoid using these characters.
    * The chumby is not currently compatible with the Apple iPhone® or iPod Touch® as an audio playback source through the chumby control panel.
    * Audio playback on the chumby may abruptly stop. Since Flash Player initiates the audio and video capabilities of the chumby if the Flash Player stops functioning the audio will stop as well. Flash Player will be automatically restarted by the chumby if it detects the Flash Player has stopped. Afterwards you can restart your audio playback by using the chumby control panel music feature.
    * The chumby may restart your widget channel and stop audio playback once every 24 hours. We are continually working to make the chumby an improved always-on device, and to reduce potential poor audio and video playback due to system constraints we have enabled a system check to restart the Flash Player if it is available for a restart after running. The chumby Flash Player will allow music files playing to complete, alarms to sound, control panel configuration changes to be saved, the unit to stay in night mode, and widgets current playing to complete before restarting.
    * Certain streaming videos may not play well or the audio may not keep in sync with the video. Not all videos use the same encoding or bit rate/resolution settings. Some of these videos may result in poor playback, with symptoms including dropped frames and hesitation. The current chumby video playback profile for Flash 8 video is 320 by 240 pixels, 12 frames per second, with a maximum video bitrate of 220 kbps and a maximum audio bitrate of 32 kbps. We have selected some YouTube videos that do play well — they are located in the Entertainment category of the widget section of our website at
    * The chumby iPod player will not load any DRM files purchased from iTunes as we are not licensed by Apple to play this music (we may license with Apple in the future). You can play any music imported from CDs or any non-DRM music files.
    * After several hours the chumby will not recognize the iPod. The iPod screen will show the green battery charger full. Disconnect your iPod and use the chumby control panel to reload your iPod playlists.
    * The chumby will not update software from a USB flash drive if both USB ports are occupied. Remove the USB device that does not contain the software update and restart the update process.
    * When the chumby alarm goes off in night mode and is turned off, the chumby does not turn to day mode. This is being worked on for the next release.

If you need more details on these or other issues, or have any questions, please contact Customer Support or post to the forums.

General Troubleshooting

Please first refer to the FAQs ( for information on possible workarounds for any of the issues mentioned. If the problem still persists, contact Customer Support or post to the forums for additional help.

    * The chumby feels hot after running for a long time: This is normal. The chumby may feel warmer than other gadgets with an LCD screen but it is operating within its normal temperature range.
    * The touchscreen on the chumby seems to be unresponsive at times: The touchscreen of the chumby doesn't detect screen presses well when using too large of an area of the finger. Press the touchscreen using just the tip of your finger or your fingernail.
    * If your widgets play slowly or do not show content (i.e., weather widget is blank): The chumby may be out of the wi-fi signal range or disconnected from the network. Try moving the chumby closer to your wi-fi access point.
    * The chumby only shows a clock and is not able to show any of your widgets: The chumby is not connected to the network.
    * When starting the chumby the downloading progress bar does not move, does not switch to the next screen, or after downloading shows a black screen: The most common problem is a weak wi-fi signal. Try moving the chumby closer to your wi-fi access point.
    * Certain streaming videos may not play well: This is a known issue and a more detailed description has been listed in the Known Issues section of this document.
    * The chumby stops playing a video or a channel does not complete after viewing a streaming video: This is a known issue and a more detailed description has been listed in the Known Issues section of this document.
    * Your chumby repeatedly shows the "Downloading the control panel" screen: Disconnect the AC adapter for the chumby from the wall, wait 10 seconds to plug it back in, and then turn the chumby back on.
    * Your chumby sits on the "Downloading the control panel" screen and the progress bar has not moved in a long time: The chumby may have a very weak wi-fi signal or may be disconnected from the network. Try moving the chumby closer to your wi-fi access point.