Topic: Is Chumby out of business?

My Chumby One is dead (opening screen  with "o"s on blue background only.  I ahve sent two e-mails to Chumby via the contact icon on their web site.  No answer to either. 

1.  Is this company still in business?
2.  Does this company support their product or are we "on our own?"

Very sad.

Re: Is Chumby out of business?

1. nope.
2. one of their former employees supports it as best he can on a volunteer basis. lok for duane on the forums.
you can also buy a brand new chumby one equivalent infocast 3.5 on amazon for $19. … amp;sr=8-1
they supply refurbed but working infocasts via ocean reef who is a wholesaler picking up best buy auctioned off discontinued merchandise.

Re: Is Chumby out of business?

OK, Zurk.  Very helpful - thanks a lot.
Sounds like another company with a great product run into the ground!  ;<(