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Topic: Plan to develop a UK radio app

Hi, I'm from RadioFeeds UK & Ireland and I've just picked up a Chumby to try and program an app to allow the mp3 stations listed at www.radiofeeds.co.uk/mp3.asp to be playable on the Chumby.

I've had a look at the resources and documentation at http://files.chumby.com/widgetexamples/ … lMusic.zip but there's no mention of what format the XML feeds should be in that the Flash file can parse.

I've yet to get sat down in front of a machine with Flash CS to see how the FLA files work, but I want to be prepared when I do, so any pointers would be helpful.
I've also no experience of ActionScript (which I see is important for editing the .as files).


Re: Plan to develop a UK radio app

When you create a music source, it's up to you to decide what the XML should look like between your server and the chumby client that consumes it.

Basically, Flash will parse well-formed XML encoded in UTF-8.

Each of the various music sources on the chumby use different XML, since each service is different.

For instance, the Blue Octy Radio music source uses an XML feed from "http://content.chumby.com/chumcast/list", which is simply a list of the stations.  It then hits a different URL with the id of the desired station to retrieve the PLS, for instance "http://content/chumby.com/chumcast/show?id=3" will get the PLS for Radio Paradise.

By comparison, other music sources, such as Pandora, iHeartRadio and MediaFly use quite complicated protocols.

Taking a quick look at the site, you might want to do something similar to the Blue Octy Radio feed, since you're apparently presenting a flat list of stations, with names and feed URLs.

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Re: Plan to develop a UK radio app

OK, thanks.

Would I need a good knowledge of Flash to make use of the search box that I see in the SHOUTcast music source, or is it pretty self-explanatory with the test files once I get them open?
I think what I'd like to do is, essentially, to have a GUI similar to SHOUTcast but use a different skin and XML feed.
So if there are any templates with such structures, I'd love to get hold of the source files for those for simplicity.

Re: Plan to develop a UK radio app

I've tried playing around with the music source demos found at http://wiki.chumby.com/index.php/Chumby … rnet_Radio
I can get SHOUTcast streams to play by removing the listen.pls bit of the stream, e.g. http://<shoutcastserver>:<xxxx>/ rather than http://<shoutcastserver>:<xxxx>/listen.pls
However, I can't find a way to get IceCast streams to play.
I've tried http://<icecastserver>/<mount>.mp3 and http://<icecastserver>/<mount>.mp3.m3u
Both of those produce silence.
How do I play IceCast streams?

Re: Plan to develop a UK radio app

Any advice?