Topic: Please dont stop the music .... during alarm clock

I use Pandora (or other music sources) as an alarm sound.  I also have the backup alarm enabled encase Pandora doesnt play or if I slumber thru some low key music.    But sometimes, I want to keep the music going while I'm getting out of bed even after I've turned off the back-up alarm.    Nothing like an alarm clock turning off to ruin a good song.

Re: Please dont stop the music .... during alarm clock

I do get what you are pointing out.  Unfortunately this cannot be done after you dismiss the alarm.  One suggestion/workaround I can offer is to set your alarm/music sound to last 30 minutes or however long you wish with the volume turned up and disable your backup alarm.  This way you won't slumber through the alarm.  As long as you don't dismiss the alarm you music will continue to play.  The downfalls are that you do not have a backup alarm and you will not be able to view apps while your music/alarm is playing.  Hope that helps.