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Topic: Hacker Board (Boot Script Sequencing?)

I have been looking all over the forums for clues as to how the chumby boot sequence is organized, and cannot find anything which definitively answers these questions:

1. When a chumby gets all done booting and you want to pass control over to user scripts what script should be created by what name and put in what directory?     Also I need to know a script that always gets control even if the network init
fails to connect to an internet, and the flashplayer  doesn't get started.

2. Which scripts within the init.d get executed in what order during the boot up sequence. On most of the modern deskdtop linux systems that I used there was a run level and you put symbolic links
in the rc1.d directory for run level 1 and rc2.d for runlevel 2 etc. And what you did was put a symbolic link with SXXName to execute "/etc/init.d/Name start" in the order specified by XX
where the lower numbers of XX were executed before the higher numbers and in the shutdown scripts (directories rc6.d and rcS.d) the symbolilc link was KXXName to kill the processes
would execute "/etc/init.d/Name stop" in the reverse decreasing order by the XX numbers. That makes it pretty clear what happens in what order as a modern desktop linux system boots.

But How does the chumby linux system organize it's boot up process? I have been reading scripts for hours, and can't find a logical sequence to any of it. Any help would not only benefit me but I am sure many others will be asking this same question and need this same information.

Thanks Barry

Re: Hacker Board (Boot Script Sequencing?)

http://wiki.chumby.com/mediawiki/index. … (analyzed)

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Re: Hacker Board (Boot Script Sequencing?)

Thanks for the excellent link.  I created a /psp/rfs1/userhook0 script and made it executable and it works perfectly.

Thanks,  Barry

Re: Hacker Board (Boot Script Sequencing?)

You're welcome smile

userhook0 is where I hook in too.  It really depends on what you want to achieve so I didn't give that suggestion straight off.

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Re: Hacker Board (Boot Script Sequencing?)

The actual script for the Hacker Board is slightly different but you can look at the actual script in the file
/etc/intit.d/rcS  which runs the script /etc/init.d/rcS.background  (The second one is the more interesting script)
It shows where all of the userhooks come in and everything.