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Hi All.

I have searched the forums but couldnt find the answer.

The default webpage which opens when you browse to the chumby via an internet browser, and gives teh details ( simply say welcome to chumby and gives the wireless status, how can i edit this file as it is read only.

I want to be able to change the links in this page to point to ther pages on my chumbys webserver, such as an alarms page.

How can i edit this file "index.html"?

I have tried to do so, but says i dont have the rights, and also tried copy a file to that folder, giving the same message.

Please your help.


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Remount / as read-write, and then edit the file:

mount -oremount,rw /

Re: Default Webpage

excellent, ill give it a try.


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It does not work for me, /www/index.html still readonly.

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Try it with a space between -o remount

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Thanks Madox, I tried that orderly(also according to this trick, still not working.

I am using Chumby Classic, don't know if this matters. I have read somewhere seems it is always read only?

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You cannot make the firmware read/write on the Chumby Classic, since it uses cramfs for the filesystem - you need to rebuild the entire firmware image.

The Chumby One uses ext3, so it *can* remount as read/write.

You can't convert the Classic to ext3 because the NAND is only 64MB (unlike the C1 with uses a microSD card of either 1GB or 2GB),  and cramfs is needed to compress the image to fit.