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Hi there,
hope anyone can help. Feature doesn't work!
Maybe I can get some addtitional info for troubleshooting? Waiting for advices...

Got Huawei e172 3G modem, got my isp-s passwords etc
3g_config looks like this:

 <configuration apn="internet" username=""  password=""  number="*99#"/>  

username and password should be left blank, am I doing it right way? Tried several times... Permissions are OK.


Re: Chumby one vs 3G modem

Try logging in via SSH over wifi, and make sure /psp/ppp-peer is set up.  If it is, try running "pppd connect ppp-peer nodetach" and then post the output.

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Re: Chumby one vs 3G modem

Most of the new USB Modems have a feature called ZeroCD which initializes the device initially as a storage device used for installing the Windows device drivers (not very useful for Linux).  You usually use usb_modeswitch or eject to switch the modem to serial mode.  Can you post the output from the dmesg command after inserting the USB modem? Or just look at the dmesg output to see if it says storage device after it initializes.

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The Verizon dongle we had just needed to have the CD ejected in order to get it to show up as a modem.

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Would that be the USB760?

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I believe so, yes.  There's a udev rule in /lib/udev/rules.d/98-chumby-early.rules