Topic: chumby guts in stuffed animal, and protecting the inside

Hey guys, I am a soon to be owner of Chumby guts. I've never really done souldering so I'm a little nervous but I think I can do it smile

I have a favorite DIY doll artist in town that I want to make a housing for my chumby. However I want the chumby in there to be pretty well protected - something comes to mind when I had a rugged computer and the hard drive was encased in some smooshy silicone like material. And then I'd want to put that into the body.

What have the dimensions been on any doll/stuffed animal mods that are out there? I need to give information to the lady making the doll. But I guess, if I make my safe housing, it will be based on that...

Sorry for being a total n00b! All I want is just to put chumby guts in a stuffed animal and have ti be safe:)