Topic: Skip next alarm(s) button.

There should be a button on the alarm alert screen and on the main screen to skip the next alarm.  This would help if you have a secondary alarm.
On the alarm screen there should be a numbered skip dropdown next to each alarm that displays how many times to skip an alarm (so you can cancel a skip or plan more).

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Re: Skip next alarm(s) button.

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Re: Skip next alarm(s) button.

I agree, it would be nice to have a button on the night mode screen to skip the next alarm
#1: I have a weekday alarm set @ 4:30AM and my wife has a weekday alarm @ 6:00AM; the alarm goes off @ 4:30 and I hit snooze, then it sounds again and I hit snooze for a second time, then I get up before it sounds for the second snooze and have to sit there to wait until it sounds to turn off my alarm so it will not continue to wake my wife. If there was a “skip next event” button on the night mode screen, then when I got up before the second snooze went off, I could have use that button to skip the upcoming snooze and the alarm would not sound again until 6:00AM.

#2: my wife gets up before the 6:00AM alarm sounds and has to sit there to wait for it to sound (well I guess she could go into control panel and cancel it, but then has to remember later in the day to re-enable for the next day) so it will not go off whilst she is in the shower and wake our 2-year old twins. With the “Skip next event” option on the night screen, she could just select that button at 5:55 for example and the 6:00AM alarm would not sound for that day.

The other nice thing to have would to be able to skip an alarm for “x” amount of days/cycles via the alarm configuration screen.
For example, we are both off for a holiday (perhaps a Monday) and we don’t want either the 4:30AM or 6:00AM alarm to sound  for that day(the above skip next event would not work because it would skip the 4:30AM alarm but not the 6:00AM unless we woke up for  a tad after 4:30AM and before 6:00AM). So if in the alarm configuration screen where you can select to enable an alarm with the check box had an additional little box next to the enable box for each alarm called “skip” and once you select/tap/press it, it gives you an option (via drop down perhaps) to pick how many cycles to skip and then put the number in the box (verse a check mark) that would be great too.

Icing on the cake would be for the alarm screen (the one with the two options that you see once the alarm sounds (one to turn off the alarm and the other to snooze)) would mimic the current brightness mode of the device. So if the alarm went off in the day and the Chumby was in bright mode, then the alarm screen would be bright and if the alarm whet off at night and the Chumby was in night mode, then the alarm screen would be in night mode as to not illuminate the whole room.

Thanks, Matt

Caveat: The skip next event only applies to events with an alarm that sounds. So if you have you chumby change channels on it's own durring the day with a sllent alarm, then this function woudl not be skipped. But I am sure you get the idea..

Re: Skip next alarm(s) button.

I do have a problem with the skip button being on the night mode screen. Several times since it was introduced, i have accidentally hit the skip button while searching for the dark button. I know they are on opposite sides of the screen, but it still happens, and I'm sure i don't have to tell you the consequences of not waking up for something. My suggestion is that keep the skip button on the night screen, but instead of just a button, how about a sliding feature, kind of like the unlock bar that opens the iphone/itouch. If that doesn't work, or it's too difficult to figure out in the near drunken state that many encounter after waking up, might i suggest that instead of a swipe, just pressing the "button" or screen, whatever you want to call it, and holding for 3 seconds. 

Just my two cents worth,