Topic: Disable alarm screen only appears sporadically

I've been using the current control panel software (not the beta) for a little while now, and unless I'm crazy, the alarm/snooze screen only appears _sometimes_, not always.  Needless to say, waking up at 6:30 AM with no obvious way to turn the alarm off is intensely irritating smile  I'm using the current vanilla control panel with three custom alarms (and the standard alarm disabled):

The first alarm has no audio or actions and executes a /mnt/usb/post_alarm_action_2 script that dims the screen at 9:00 PM.

The second alarm has no audio or actions and executes a /mnt/usb/post_alarm_action_3 script that brightens the screen at 6:30 AM.

The third alarm is set for a Shoutcast channel with backup alarm (although I've gotten the same behavior with the backup alarm disabled) at 6:30 AM.

All of these are set to return to previous screen, which means that they don't interrupt my normal widget rotation (as expected).  The dimming and brightening alarms work great, as does the Shoutcast audio - but the alarm/snooze screen is only there _sometimes_ when I wake up.  The rest of the time, I've only been able to shut the thing off by digging through the control panel to the music settings and hitting stop.  Which is surprisingly difficult when one's just woken up smile

Does the alarm/snooze screen only show up for a limited amount of time, and I'm just sleeping through it sometimes?  And if so, can there be an option for it to remain up until deactivated?  Or is this (hopefully) not the expected behavior?  Or am I just missing something obvious? smile

Re: Disable alarm screen only appears sporadically

There is an option to show/hide the snooze/stop screen for each alarm - could you please check that it's enable for each of these alarms?

Note also that an alarm that fires off when another alarm is in progress (even one that presents a screen) will issue a "stop" command to the previous alarm.

My guess is that the two alarms at 6:30 are conflicting with each other in this manner.

Re: Disable alarm screen only appears sporadically

Ah, I bet you're right about the conflict - the two brighten/dim alarms don't show the snooze screen, and there's definitely some randomness to the behavior, so I could certainly believe it's being caused by some quirk of the exact timing between the two 6:30 alarms.  I'd suggest that there be some option to avoid the "stop" behavior, except that A) it makes perfect sense for any type of audio alarm and B) I know the possibilities for script-only alarms have been discussed moderately to death already smile  Anyhow, I'll just space them out by a few minutes and see what happens - thanks!