Topic: Forgive me, Chumbians, but I thought you'd like to know

Okay, lemme say I feel like a real heel posting this in some way shape or form.... I totally stink when it comes to anything that seems like it might even in some way be self-promotion, even if it is totally relevant and some pretty good feedback for the Chumby Industries employees and prospective users (and, hey, users!)

I've been doing this podcast with another Chumby owner... It's not about Chumby every week, of course, but it's a Linux/FOSS podcast.  So we decided this week would be a pretty good time to talk about Chumby, hackable hardware, software, and other devices that allow for Linux to be used in interesting ways. We talk about our Chumby experience here: … ckers.aspx

And yes, of course, also on Mediafly, if you should want to listen on your Chumby. I do for the ultimate nerd experience. Ahem.

I submitted this to the PR folks, but I know Duane and Steve T. are frequently here, and I think it might be a neat thing for prospective Chumby owners to hear... Certainly our favorite bit is that it is so totally hackable... but if you don't want to, it's pretty dang useful right out of the box.

So if you want to check it out... feel free. If not, Lisa and I want to let Chumby Industries know that we've been enjoying our Chumbys... even with occasional quirks, for a good long while now (Mine will celebrate it's first birthday in October.)