Topic: Interactivity?

Hey! Can someone help me program some basic interactivity for the chumby?
All I need to do is have a button tell a movieclip to play once.

That is, the user touches the chumby's screen on a button I've made in flash, and it
controls a seperate movie clip.. tells it to start playing.

Works here, but not when I upload my widget..
Read the wiki / forums, and haven't been able to find a solution.


Re: Interactivity?

There is no really good way to tell a movieclip to run once, unless the clip has a "stop()" on the last frame.

Typically, the syntax for a button running a movieclip is:

myButton.onRelease = function() {;

This assumes "myMovieClip" is in the same clip as "myButton", otherwise, you'll have to make a more explicit path.  All of your paths should be relative (ie combinations of 'this', '_parent', etc), *not* absolute (ie from '_root' or '_level0').  As usual, be sure you've exported as something that's FlashLite compatible (Flash 6 or 7).

Re: Interactivity?

Regarding the requirement not to use _root...   I believe _lockroot works in Flashlite 2.x... so chumby might consider using that in their shell.