Topic: Chumby Network downtime -- June 3rd @ 11:00am US/Pacific

The Chumby SaaS Ops team will be performing a production site cutover to our new network/server environment next
Tuesday at 11:00am US/Pacific.  This cutover also involves moving to a new IP address space, so you may notice that your
Chumby goes into ``disconnected clock mode''.  This can be easily resolved by first verifying that your ISP's DNS servers
have the updated IP information.  You can check that by going to our web site,  If you don't see
the maintenance page, simply power-cycle your Chumby and it will resume working as normal.  If you do see the maintenance
page, please follow the instructions that will be posted on it.

Please note that the forum and wiki will also be moving, and their respective new IP addresses will be:

We don't anticipate the downtime being longer than 30 minutes and we will be monitoring the environments very carefully.
Our Support staff will also be on heightened alert and people are also free to contact me directly.

-mike d. kail <>
- director of SaaS Ops
- chumby industries

Re: Chumby Network downtime -- June 3rd @ 11:00am US/Pacific

this has been successfully completed