Topic: Split up the wiki?

Originally it seemed the wiki was for development information; in fact you can only get to it from the website by going thought the "for developers" links.  Lately more general usage information has been added.  If I may, I recommend reorganizing the content a bit to make it clear what is "user" and what is "developer" content, and then change the website to make non-development users aware of the wiki.  I thought it would be useful for FAQs.


Re: Split up the wiki?

It does seem a bit disorganised.  I notice there are barely any revisions on any articles.  It needs some good authors (not me) who have wiki experience to roll up their sleeves and take charge. 
There also seems to be a lot of good content in the forums that should be somewhere in the wiki.  I wonder if it is the general lack of order that is stopping people adding their own content to the wiki.

I also wonder if the forums themselves need a bit of a clean up.  A lot of the categories seem a bit ambiguous.  It's not immediately obvious where some posts belong.

btw - I tried RootTools download, extracted the archive, and got a single file with no extension.  Is that right?

Re: Split up the wiki?

Not sure if this has been addressed further (being an old post and all) but I would completely agree, and wouldn't mind helping out myself.  Perhaps we can start compiling a TOC together for what would work best.


Re: Split up the wiki?

The wiki was designed for the community to hack up - the only page that's locked is the front page (and the associated Talk pages), and that's only because it was loaded up with porn and mortgage refinancing spam several times a day when it was unlocked.

If anyone needs changes on the front page, just let me know, and I'll make them.