Topic: Anyone done a introductory presentation about the Chumby?

Hi all.

Rather than posting a email to Chumy Industries I post in a public forum since my question may be of interest to others.

I have possibly one of the first, if not the first, Chumy in Norway. I am going to give a presentation about the Chumby device at the "Bergen  (BSD and) Linux Users Group" - BLUG - (

I have downloaded the Toorcon 2006 presentations - but these are very good, but too hardware focused. What I have planned is to present the Chumby device as end users and software hackers can use the device.

Does anyone have any slides or done such a presentation already which I can borrow?
If not I will make my own presentation available for other LUGs to use.

I have read the trade mark guidelines ( and as I understand these I will need a written consent from Chumby Industries if I want to use the name or the Chumby logo in such a presentation. If I get such a consent, can other Linux Users Group then re-use the presentation without re-applying for the same consent?

Thanks for any comments on my two questions.

Best regards,

The first(?) Norwegian Chumby user!