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I have (kinda) completed the ChumPi project that has a raspberry pi doing some chumby/dash-like things. Here is a pic:
and a video:

And a guide for those who would like to give it a try. (No guarantees this will work on your hardware without some tweaking!)

Guide: … =0&d=1

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If you want to add some clock "flair", here is one of many sites that has a bunch of flash based clocks.

A quick search will show find a bunch available.

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Hmmm....that's neat....

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Many of Adam Dorman's Flash clocks are available in the chumby catalog.

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Hi amigafin!

This is very interesting project, since I am working just now to resuscitate my dead Chumby One sad.

Could you post details of the hardware used? Linke what screen did you use and what mounting?

I have a Raspberry Pi2 which is sitting in my drawer and gathering dust, but I have no screen.

Thanks and great to hear that others share the same interest as myself!