Topic: Best widgets?

I apologize if this post violates any forum rules but I recently 'rediscovered' my Chumby, reactivated it, purchased a subscription and have been browsing the apps. It appears that many of them are no longer supported. Is there a list that shows which apps are supported or a current list of favorite (and supposedly working) apps?

Thanks - I love the novelty of the chumby and am looking forward to sitting it by my computer at work where it could hopefully rotate between being a clock, showing stock prices/interest rates, displaying sports scores, updating weather and/or traffic conditions, etc. I think it will be a great conversation piece.

Re: Best widgets?

several people have suggested something like that, but nobody has stepped up to start making a list of non-functional widgets... Perhaps you could start the ball rolling?

Chumby has always been more of a community effort that most things.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.