Topic: Chumby *ONE*/I3.5 testers wanted.

I need a few people to test a beta firmware for the C1/I3 that hopefully will fix the SSL issue.

Please only email me (link below left) if you really want to beat on it and see if you run into any issues.

If you're not willing to REALLY TEST, then you're just wasting everybody's time, and slowing down the process...  Just wait a little till it's released.

Sorry about sounding cranky, but I've run into problems with 'testers' that didn't want to spend any time actually testing, they just wanted the 'new thing' first....


Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

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Re: Chumby *ONE*/I3.5 testers wanted.

Hello Janitor.

I have C1 (both version) and an Insignia 3 currently running the latest firmware and can test the installation across several widgets and such.

I've been testing for a user named Francesco on modified C8's, Insignia 8 and Dashed Chumbies (I think I might have one of everything right now)...

Let me know what you think...