Topic: Firmware update coming - what you need to know

All Ironforge chumby users will receive a firmware update sometime soon - I will not define "soon" smile

A firmware update is very similar to wiping out the hard drive of your PC, and installing a fresh, new operating system.  As a side effect of such an update, all of the settings are erased.  In the past, this meant that touchscreen calibration and network settings needed to be reconfigured.

For those of you using the new Control Panel, this means that any alarms and "My Streams" that you have created will also be erased.

We're looking into the ability to save such settings on the server some time in the future, however, in the meantime, you will probably want to consider backing up these settings prior to accepting the update.

To do this, you should SSH into your chumby (instructions on the wiki) and save the files /psp/alarmsand /psp/url_streams to a USB flash drive.  After the update, you should be able to restore these two files.

Re: Firmware update coming - what you need to know

As many of you noticed, the over-the-air update did *not* clear out your alarms and other settings.  Hopefully this will be the case on an ongoing basis.

It will still be the case that settings will be cleared with the updates using USB.