Topic: Control Panel 2.6 released

Thank you for your participation in the Beta Control Panel 2.6 project.  Thanks to your valuable feedback and bug reporting, we have promoted the  Control Panel 2.6 out of beta and into production.  All chumbys, upon next reboot, will get the new Control Panel, currently at version 2.6.70. The "BETA" banner has been removed.

There will still be some lingering stability issues in the release, most of which should be addressed by the next firmware release, 1.4, which is in QA.  If there are required changes in the Control Panel 2.6, we'll slipstream them into production.

Many of you have suggested features that made it into this release.  Many features that were suggested, however, did not make the cut - Product Management has been monitoring this forum closely and has collected *all* of your suggestions for consideration in the next and future Control Panels.  Many features simply could not be implemented because they required subsystems that live outside the Control Panel, in the underlying client firmware, and thus have to wait until the subsystems become available.

At this point, we will be moving on to Control Panel 2.7 in Engineering - if you wish to keep receiving Beta releases, feel free to keep your Control Panel selection to "Control Panel Beta" and you will get them as we put them out.  However, keep in mind that CP 2.7 will be starting out very primitive and buggy, and you will probably take a big step backwards in stability - such is the nature of test software.

Thanks again -

The Chumby Team