Topic: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.6.54

To run the Control Panel Beta on your chumby, select it from the popup menu on the website on the "My Chumby" page - it's in the lower right - and reboot your chumby.  To return to the release Control Panel, just reselect "Control Panel" (without the "Beta") and reboot your chumby.

If you decide to revert back to the release Control Panel, you may need to "restore to factory defaults" in Safe Mode if you've made changes to the first alarm in the Alarms screen, since it's interpreted by the older Control Panel as alarm2.

if you are running a previous beta, simply reboot your chumby.  Please review previous release notes if this is your first beta.

Release Notes:

Version: 2.6.54
Release Date: 1/4/08

Summary: replaces artwork for music sources, revised virtual keyboard, plus bug fixes.


* Replaces artwork for SHOUTcast, Mediafly, My Streams, My Music Files, and Radio Free Chumby
* Fixes bug in handling of M3U files, added support for multiple entries in M3U and PLS in My Streams
* Fixes rate conversion issues with My Streams and My Music Files
* Fixes other minor bugs


* adds Mediafly, My Streams, and My Music Files and alarm sources

Virtual Keyboard

* replaces artwork
* adds "tentative key" support when tracking the pressed key
* increases the size of text input area

Known bugs:

* "My Music Files" will not recognize complicated file names (requires firmware update)
* still a limit on iPod song count
* alarms may still fail to wake you up

Re: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.6.54

This is in fact a killer app! I just downloaded beta and tuned in. It's great!