Topic: Thumbs up on the new website

A while ago, I was talking about the challenges of marketing chumby because of the difficulty describing what it is.  I think the new website (and a few new key widgets) help to define a genuine target market and real product benefits.  I don't think it's perfect, but it's a big step in the right direction. 

It seems the current target is 20 somethings, probably skewing female, almost or just out of college.  Folks who are connected to their friends thru the internet and use sites like youtube and myspace.  The demographics aren't tied down too tightly on the website (which is just fine). 

It also seems that chumby is primarily a bedside / kitchen / living room appliance.    The focus on functionality is 'wake up with useful information'.  I think this is a great focus playing on the current strengths.  It's not an alarm clock - it's wakeup ++.  I used to wake up and check my computer before running out to work or starting my day.  Now I check my chumby. 

A few comments from the peanut gallery;
1 - on the index in the feature roll (chumby overview, in your life, clocks and alarms), I would replace photo viewing or sports with social networking.  The social networking aspect is fantastic and shouldn't be condemned to the end of the roll (yes, you can roll left, and yes, everyone rolls right). 
2 - I like the 'in your life' tab.  These are great methods of positioning that are very subtle.  Only complaint is that the pictures take too long to cycle.  I would put all the pictures up at the same time (in a quadrant) and make the picture expand on hover. 
3 - Personal preference, but I would change 'Buy a Chumby' to 'Get your Chumby' or 'Buy your Chumby'.  I always try to phrase things in the terms of the prospect (what they should do, what's in it for them).
4 - A better traffic widget would help to make the wakeup++ case.  There's a homemade traffic widget that looks cute, but you have to sit and let it cycle thru all the highways (which is a lot in the Bay Area). 

That's it for now, but again - great job!  The next challenge is getting people to your site.

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