Topic: fbcgi?

I am using the new control panel and noticed there was a button that said "fbcgi"...   But I couldn't find anything either in the forum or the wiki that says what this button does.   So I pushed it.. (hey.. I bought this to play with it.. not just watch it)....  It didn't appear to do anything.

Can somebody tell me what this is intended to do?


Re: fbcgi?

The FBCGI button is a shortcut that will enable you to view what is being displayed in each of chumby's frame buffers - handy for taking screenshots, etc.  The button is enabled in the latest beta control panel, however the underlying script that is being called will not be available until the next firmware release.

See this wiki entry for information on how to do this manually - … our_chumby

The only difference between the wiki entry and the chumby implementation will be that in order to view the frame buffers, you would use the following URLs:


When FBCGI is pressed, the custom CGIs will stay resident until the device is rebooted.

Re: fbcgi?

Thanks Ken... I'll be looking forward to that.  Should be handy for debug and documentation.