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I'm really interested in getting a Chumby.  I'm primarily looking to use it as an alarm clock/weather station. 

The only thing that's giving me pause are the ads that appear on the device.  Can someone tell me how often
they get them?  Is there a chance that the ads will increase over time?

Will the ads ever interfere with the alarm clock function?  Thanks!

Re: Considering a Chumby

I hope I don't jinx myself by saying this, but I've never seen an ad on Chumby.  I use it almost exclusively as a weather station / home monitor (custom widget), but often use the weather forecast widgets.  No ads yet. 

FWIW ads are a deal breaker for me too.  I didn't know about them when I bought Chumby, and I will be significantly bothered if I ever do see one.  Bothered enough to spend time implementing a workaround.

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Re: Considering a Chumby

Thanks for your input.  Right now I have a little Oregon Scientific alarm clock that is atomic and also displays the weather inside and outside.

I'd love to use the Chumby to replace that device.

Anyone else care to chime in?

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Re: Considering a Chumby

My understanding is that they haven't sold any ads yet. At present, they are injecting "Chumby 101" tip widgets and public service announcement video widgets into users' custom widget channels. I believe they are doing this to get us used to the fact that we'll be seeing stuff we didn't choose or necessarily want in our channels.

Right now - maybe forever - the Chumby business model is to sell the hardware with very little markup, with the idea of generating revenue over time through sales of ads. Pretty much every question about ads that's been posted here has been officially answered "we haven't decided yet." So we don't know yet whether we'll have the ability to opt out by paying some monthly fee, how frequently ads will appear, what they'll be like, etc.

If the idea of ads on your Chumby bothers you, I suggest you wait for them to decide how they're going to handle them before making your purchase. Like Ed S, I didn't realize they'd be injecting unwanted content into the channels when I ordered mine. In fairness, that info is and was on the Chumby site, but it's sort of inobvious and vague. This issue has been raised many times; the Chumbians have said they're going update the site to make it more clear in the future.

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Thanks.  I may wait a little bit before purchasing to see if they can work that out.  Personally I'd be willing to pay $10-15 a month if it meant no ads.

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I wouldn't object to ads so much but what I wouldn't like is that spam got through the ads somehow and messed the channels up.  Depending on the ad it might just add a little bit of flair to the channel.  Practically everywhere you go on the internet has some type of ad running on the page.  Companies just couldn't be successful without advertising their products.  Ads are everywhere around us, TV, radio, billboards, home mail.  Hopefully there could be some type of blocker to filter out the bad ads that could cause us concern like spam or someone trying to brick our Chumby.  I would prefer to see a few ads in lieu of having to pay another monthly bill on my budget.

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Re: Considering a Chumby

I think a Chumby is overkill if what you're looking for is weather and an alarm clock.  Delightful, soul-satisfying overkill.  It's a great little box and I've been really impressed by the community.  I think this little sucker has nowhere to go but up.

I have gotten no ads (that I've noticed) on my Chumby.  I'm offended by the concept of ads and did not really notice that there would *be* some when I got mine... that said, I am not prepared to hate ads automatically.  After all, I don't sit and stare at the Chumby all day - and if it pops up with something interesting, I doubt I'll be offended.  Assuming it doesn't blare into the silence like a car alarm, of course. ;-)

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Re: Considering a Chumby

When I was thinking about buying a Chumby, the ad bit steered me away too. I got one anyway and I have no regrets. Ads do occasionally pop up but I like how the ads are geared towards good topics such as "stopping global warming" or "stop smoking." I also like how they are in video format and you can choose not to see them. The Chumby Tips do get annoying but I rarely see them and they are fun too.