Topic: So... exactly *how* impossible would it be to stream to Airtunes?

The Chumby is currently streaming a peculiar French internet radio station (Frequence Terre - I'm in that kind of mood) to the stereo. 

Although the Chumby's speakers sound *dope* compared to the speakers on my laptop, I've got a $5k stereo system that, well, sounds better.

I'm plugged into the Minijack in the back, of course; the fact that Mr. Chumby has one was a big selling point for me and I'm pretty well delighted that I can actually get the audio out of the leather and into the rack.  However, having the Chumby over *there* plugged into the rack instead of over *here* on the coffee table reminds me why I ditched my SliMP3 back in 2002; I want to touch it and feel it and love it and play with it and call it George, not have it sit standoffishly across the room.

I'm well aware that interfacing with a DRM-protected channel from the most 3rd-party-unfriendly company in the history of the microchip may not be exactly, uhm, feasible or advisable from a company that prides itself on opensource hardware.  But I'd love to be able to just pass the stream over to the Airport Express and keep Mr. Chumby over here with me on the couch, thankyouverymuch. 

Does anything here help?  I know just enough about linux to know that I know barely more than jack about linux:

Barring that, have you guys been chatting with Slim Devices at all about maybe relaying audio through their upcoming Squeezebox Receiver or the like?  Or are there other possibilities?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place; I figure since audio is still Beta chatting about streaming audio is way Beta.



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Re: So... exactly *how* impossible would it be to stream to Airtunes?

I'll take a look it - beyond the technical issues of transcoding the music to the particular format the Airtunes system wants (Apple Lossless in an MPEG4 container), there may be legal issues preventing us from supporting such a system officially, thanks to the DMCA and US software patents.