Topic: Internet radio cuts out

Hello MY audio is often choppy. (yes the Internet signal is good)
Anyway after a while of clean music playback it just plumb stops.
I don't get it.
It happens on My streams, radio free chumby and shoutcast.
I an very concerned with the choppy audio.

I have a Sony PSP they have added the exact same feature to the PSP.
If you can have a look at the flash application for some tips. One of the things they do very well is give you a quality of signal indicator. they have a system to choose from many groups and then pick from many stations in that group.
on a single small page. I am sure it would be easy to adopt some of their good ideas to work on the chumby.

As long as we are talking about bugs here. I noticed the screen is sometimes not that responsive.
I came across my old Palm III stylus and have been using it to interact ever since. It has made my interaction with chumby much better.\

Thanks for reading and commenting on how I can improve my streaming audio experience.

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Re: Internet radio cuts out

First, thank you for new version of the Control Panel, 2.6.54!!!  My M3U streams now work!   However, while my streams are not choppy, they clip.  I hear lots of clicks throughout the broadcast.

I've tried many streams, including:

Re: Internet radio cuts out

The clicking is due to the CPU load of the rate converter that is now being used to convert these streams into something that the Chumby can play.

We will be optimizing this to use less CPU, but it will require a firmware update - it can't be fixed with a Control Panel alone.